Every year PokerStars holds two championship series which are considered the pinnacles of online poker. In the spring, SCOOP (Spring Championship of Online Poker) is a series of high stakes poker tournaments that reaches a climax with the $10,300 Main Event. #TeamGripsed member Charlie Carrel found his way to the final table, and we’re back to review every hand on his way to a $1.2 Million score!

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This is what it looks like when Dreams come true…

  • Great great job by Charlie! And European, his middle name is finaltable, he is fucking everywheere! 😀

  • I knew it gon be on that channel gj Gripsed

  • what is gripsed supposed to mean? pretty sure its not a word. and who the f is charlie carrell, you speak as if were all supposed to know who that is

  • would be great to have charlie in person talking about his hands that he played from the start of the tourney

  • that 79o hand he should have called on the river, I'm not playing that high stakes (cause I'm a bad player myself) but it's simply a spot where if you can chip up by risking your tournament life, you should, he committed 40% of his stack and will be left with 12BB, and his opponent should have a lot of bluffs in his range, since Charlie played passively and there is a lot of missed draws on board, also C. Darwin is a good player and will not play scare money (has a lot in winnings). It won't mean much to him to lose there a big pot, so taking that into account Charlie should have called the river

  • Enjoyed! Charlie has been destroying the poker scene lately!

  • Hey Evan, I would like to stake you for the main event. Can you tell me how I need to start this? I went to pocket fives but I didn't want to sign up for no reason. Where is the best place To go to stake you?

  • I think the c-bet with KJcc on 7s6s3h is the most questionable play. That board smashes BB range, he is OOP against Garrin and has bad removal. Could be a bit better if BB is more on the passive side I suppose. Would love to hear Charlie's thoughts on this.

  • Truly great content, like always. Cant wait for part 2

  • great vid

  • FUCK dont know what to say. Hes the man.

  • i am so sad why is there no pre FT HH review? is there some chance or no?

  • bloody hell man you talk way to much

  • Sick video! One of the best poker mentors around.

  • I wish charlie was there to help commentate over it, i love his voice, one of my favourite poker players!

  • Isn't this the same guy that once won the Sunday Million and you reviewed that tournament on your channel, or am I wrong?

  • My favourite hand was when he flat the turn with 2nd pair to a double barrel steal attempt. I think it was a great call based on the fact that i find some players dont let off on their steals street to street.

  • Great ICM analysis at 24:00

  • if your objective is to win the tournament, you cant fold AK there,

  • love you gripsed, never stop!

  • awsome channel. big fan.

    really enjoy it!

  • some serious dick riding, pretty cringy, almost ruins the decent content.

  • It's interesting (at least for me) to see how variance affects someone's run on poker tournaments. For instance, charlie got bluffed and lost a few pots, making him the shortstack until he got KK and voila he is back in the mix. Unlike european where he made the most standart call with TT and lost a big portion of his stack therefore reducing his chances to win. Not trying to take anything away from charlie but it seems like some people dont realise what it takes to win a tournament. It's definitely not only skill, but run good at the same time.
    I consider charlie to be one of the most fortunate people out there and I would love to have a conversation with him regarding how has luck influenced his career.
    Again I respect him tons as a player and i reckon he is currently one of the best.

  • unexploitable, but idk, kinda uncessary jam with the 87s , regarding ICM issues… agreed?

  • Where can I take Epiphany's avatar?

  • Scammer

  • Do you viewbot your yt videos as well?

  • Hey Evan, great video man! I absolutely love the commentary and even though I just started playing, I learned quite a bit! This is a great motivational/succes story. You're a great mentor keep it up! I'm gonna watch part 2 now haha

  • thank you