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4 Ways to improve your poker earnings

The era of easy money in poker died years ago. In the mid noughties, a player needed only to grasp the fundamental concepts of Texas Hold’em to become a consistent winner. Fast forward to today, and with the absence of American players and proliferation of software and YouTube content, poker is a harder way to make easy money.

Despite the naysayers on forums like twoplustwo though, there is still money to be made. Additionally, there are things you can do to reduce losses or increase your overall earnings. In todays post we will offer four methods of improving your earnings. We are confident if you employ all these tactics, you will see an overall improvement in your results.

Careful game selection

The first way to improve your results is to look at the games you play. Are you really playing in the easiest games possible? Many serious and even professional players fail to choose their games carefully. As such they can lose out on having a better poker win rate. The trick to choosing games is to watching them first, picking games with less regulars and judging tables based on the stats in the poker lobby. Look for games that are juicy with recreational players and you should stand a better chance of winning.

Join rakeback schemes

Another way to improve your earnings is to ensure you’ve signed up to rakeback schemes. It’s amazing how many people fail to take advantage of these schemes. By claiming back rakeback you are paying less in rake overall and therefore making the games easier to beat. They are a great bankroll booster and literally no downside to signing up to them. There are dozens of rakeback sites where you can become an affiliate of theirs. Alternatively, sites like GG Poker already have their own in built one.

Take advantage of reload bonuses

Whilst online poker sites are not as generous as casinos when it comes to bonuses, most of them reward frequent depositors. In other words, they will often match your deposit in bonus money when you “reload”. This is a fantastic way to get free money, especially if you are a frequent player. You’ll find yourself going through the wagering requirements in no time. Remember, you don’t have to only reload when you’ve got nothing. If a reload bonus becomes available, feel free to deposit for the sole purpose of getting free money.

Play Sunday tournaments

Lastly, playing tournaments on Sunday’s are an effective way of building a decent roll. It’s well known that Sunday is the most popular day for casual players. It’s the end of the week and often a day people don’t work. For this reason, most sites will have excellent prizepool tournaments that are inflated. In addition to the amazing prizepools with potential to earn lots of money, there is a higher proportion of fishes. Many of the players clearly lack the essentials of Texas Hold’em that weekday players have so you need to play Sunday tournaments, even if you’re bread and butter is side games.

There you have it, four easy to implement tips. Remember you don’t need to be in a dark room alone to win at poker, just follow these tips and you should see improved results.

Image Source: Pixabay