Rules for Playing Piranha

Piranha is a match pot game which means players will be forced to match the value of the pot should they lose their hand. These games can become very expensive, very quickly which is why we always suggest players set a max limit as to how much a player should be forced to contribute. Piranha … Read more

10 tricks to winning at Omaha Poker

Omaha is an exciting poker variant, and although it bears a striking similarity to Texas Hold’em, it stands in a class of its own. Once poker players have understood the basic rules of playing Omaha Poker and played a few games for real money, they would want to know the secrets of playing a winning … Read more

Lowball Strategy

A winning strategy for any variation of card game shares certain crucial elements. Poker is a game of odds, luck, and player interaction – and understanding those concepts is the key to a good game.

Texas Hold’em Rules and Game Play

Learning how to play a game of Texas Hold’em can seem much more difficult than it really is. The game itself is actually very logical and simple and requires just a few minutes to learn. Mastering it, however, will take you a bit longer.

7 Card Stud – How to play the game right

Seven-card stud is played with a starting hand of two downcards and one upcard dealt before the first betting round. There are then three more upcards and a final downcard, with a betting round after each, for a total of five betting rounds on a deal played to the showdown. The best five-card poker hand … Read more