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What is Singapore Pools?

Some things are better when combined, such as watching sports and placing bets simultaneously. Many people in Singapore love to connect these two things and enjoy a new level. Singapore sport bet and Singapore horse racing live odds are just two examples. Many people can choose from the available betting options through Singapore pools. It is the only company that provides legal avenues for bettors to keep your game current and secure.

Difference between Foreign Sportsbooks and Singapore Pools

Despite the availability of Singapore Pools, many Singaporeans continue to consider placing bets through foreign sportsbooks. The typical reasons for this are that foreign sportsbooks have more sports selections. Another reason is the legal age of bettors. Singapore Pools only allow people ages 21 and up to gamble, unlike foreign sportsbooks that allow 18-year-olds to start exploring the world of betting.

What Singapore Pools Offers You?

Although there are fewer betting options available, these are the ones that most Singaporeans enjoy.

  • Lottery
  • TOTO
  • 4D
  • Singapore Sweep
  1. Sports betting
    • Football betting
    • Horse Racing
    • Motor Racing
  2. Remote Gambling

Singapore Pools is a state-owned lottery. Remote gambling allows bettors to play online without visiting a casino.

Remote Gambling Legality

Many still place illegal bets despite establishing legal gambling sites and companies for Singaporean gamblers. The Remote Gambling Act was passed in 2014 to ban online gambling, with an exception made in 2016 for Singapore Pools. Many online gambling sites have closed down, but some illegal sportsbooks cater to Singaporean punters.

Ideas of How to Place a Bet in Singapore

Here are some tips to help you avoid illegal gambling charges in Singapore.

  • Gamblers in Singapore should only gamble with trusted friends to avoid being charged illegally for gambling.
  • Avoid playing with experienced gamblers or those who play only once in a while. They tend to attract authorities through their high gambling stakes.
  • Individual gamblers are discouraged from placing bets in public places. Instead, they should use private or online betting.

Let this infographic from CM2Bet explains more about Singapore Pools.