Poker Tougher

Why is Poker Tougher in 2022?

In the past decade, the abundance of free poker resources available online has made it much harder for players to win at the game. With so many players having access to optimal strategy guides, databases of past hands, and real-time advice from pros, the average player is now much better equipped to compete. This has resulted in a higher level of play overall, and made it much harder for players to profit from the game. In this article we will explore the key things making poker harder.


With countless videos online beginners can access strategy and tips freely on YouTube. Whilst many of the tips are basic or easy to learn, it means the lowest stakes games have players who have a basic appreciation of poker strategy. A decade ago, there was fewer poker videos online and more fishes in the low games.

Cheaper Courses

Poker training material is easier to acquire in 2022. In the past, coaches were selling courses for thousands of dollars as they knew there was a market their courses. Today, with enthusiasts able to get material from other sources, courses are cheaper and therefore more accessible than in the past. The problem with this is that beginners are learning advanced concepts in a shorter space of time and can use them at an online casino Singapore.


Poker forums are popular today and booming with people dedicating time to study. More people studying the game is going to result in a tougher environment to make money. The more studious your opponents are, the harder you have to work to maintain a decent edge.


While there are still plenty of fish in the sea, the average player is now much savvier and more difficult to beat.  If you’re looking to make a profit from poker, you’ll need to work harder than ever before to find an edge. The good news is that there are still plenty of ways to win, you just need to be willing to put in the extra effort to find them.

Image Source: Pixabay